Wednesday, July 12, 2006

a couple of things

Lately I've been creating these "dogmobile" license plate frames. People like them and have been buying them. I'd say most popular are this doxiemobile, then Corgis, Schnauzers, Shelties, and Yorkies. And of course Keeshonds, which were the first ones I was selling and the reason I decided to make more. You can take a look at them here at my shop... if you don't see your breed, it's coming soon!

More Dog License Plate Cover Links:

Affenpinscher license plate frame
Afghan Hound license plate frame
Airedale Terrier license plate frame
Akita license plate frame
Alaskan Malamute license plate frame
American Eskimo Dog license plate frame
American Foxhound license plate frame
American Bulldog license plate frame
American Pit Bull Terrier license plate frame
American Staffordshire Terrier license plate frame
American Water Spaniel license plate frame
Anatolian Shepherd Dog license plate frame
Australian Cattle Dog license plate frame
Australian Shepherd license plate frame
Australian Terrier license plate frame
Azawakh license plate frame
Basenji license plate frame
Bassett Hound license plate frame


Robert said...

Hi jenn I saw you on barbaras blog mentioning your grandpa so glad to hear his quick recovery!!! i had an angiplasty last year and thus now truly empathize with anyone having *heart issues* Hope your grandpa stays happy and healthy for many more years!!!!! Great cartoons you post also LOL always been a fan of sergio aragones!!!

Badoozie said...

ok, i need to buy one of those. i will try and remember

Fred said...

Love the cartoon. It's just what we're missing nowadays.

Saur♥Kraut said...

As always, you have tremendous talent. Now, start making poodle and greyhound ones! And don't make any of those sissy poodles with the puffs here and there. BoBo is always shaved everywhere and looks more like a curly greyhound than anything else. There HAS to be a demand for that sort of poodle pic~!!!

Jenn said...

Robert, very cool to meet another Sergio Aragones fan. Most people have never heard of him. His cartoons without words are genius! Thanks for your comment here, and kind words for my grandpa.

Susie, I can make one that says, "Superdogmobile!"

Thanks Fred! It's one of those cartoons I'm not even going to try to sell... from deep in the forgotten archives, in the "too cheesy" file.

Saur, I actually have a poodlemobile and a greyhoundmobile. But I do need to have a Poodle one without the humiliating haircut. I think the majority of pet Poodles have a nice even trim, besides all the Schnoodles, and Labradoodles, etc, with Poodley fur.

Badoozie said...

oh, if you can i would love that, will it have the little doggie on it? let me know