Tuesday, October 30, 2007

adventures in the dollar store

I am sick n' tired of my sunglasses continually falling apart. I'm down to one pair and I keep forgetting to take them out of George's car. So today I bought three top-of-the-line pairs at the dollar store. There is a treasure trove of stuff in there! Who knew, you could buy a set of screwdrivers for a buck? These sunglasses even claim 100% U.V. protection. Of course, I'm sure China would never try to deceive anyone.

Friday, October 26, 2007

an unintended science experiment

On Wednesday someone at church asked me if I'd paint a picture of a schoolhouse on a bed sheet. They are using it as a prop in a children's program tonight. It's supposed to look like the schoolhouse in Wonderpets, which I never heard of until Wednesday, and got to hear the Wonderpets theme song and show intro online. So I've been singing that for the past two days as I've been painting this.

I really wanted a little yellow paint to paint the insides of the windowsill flowers, but the only paint I had was in a spray can. No problem, I'll just spray a little into this styrofoam cup, and then I'll paint it on.

I found out that this is what spray paint will do to a styrofoam cup:

And my brush is still recovering from the trauma. After all that, I didn't like the yellow anyway, and painted it over with white.

This could actually pass for art in some museums.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

blast from the past

When I was a senior in high school I was never without this sketchbook.

During study halls I'd sit and draw an ongoing comic strip which included appearances by a bunch of my classmates. Here are a couple of bits from "Bionic Bill vs. Andy Gram." Someday I'd like to blog this whole thing, but it will take a lot of scanning.

Those of you who knew me in high school may recall that "Bionic Bill" is John Gasper, who had a lot of input in the writing of these stories.

Monday, October 22, 2007

I'm older than I was, but younger than I will be.

A particular person keeps pointing out to me that I have wrinkles on my forehead.

Personally, I don't mind. So far I have lived all of my adult life with people questioning whether I am really a grown-up.

Today I turned 34.

34's not a bad age. I think I'll stick with it for a while.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

I feel good I feel great I feel wonderful...

A few thoughts from my coffee-fueled brain this fine morning...


Belgian waffles are one of those things that smell really great, but they taste just ok.


Why does the gas pump have to ask me if I want my receipt? Of course I want my receipt! Duuuuhh!


This is my second morning this week working on my laptop in Panera Bread. I really like working in here. The coffee is very good. The caramel lattes are stupendous. Lunch is affordable. Free Wi-Fi. It helps me get out of my house and into the world. And the people working here are a constant reminder that if I don't get my work done and make some money, I too could end up behind that counter slicing sandwiches.


One job I never want to experience again... Cutco sales representative. Here are some of my notes from my Cutco meeting back in 2001. I sold some to my parents and then got my butt out of that unfortunate career detour.


I really do feel good today.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

random thoughts in a coffee shop

Sometimes I enjoy listening to other peoples' conversations in this coffee shop. And sometimes I think other people are just kind of annoying.


For the past week I've been avoiding coffee because of sinus problems. But now I feel better, so am back here enjoying an Italian blend.


It finally feels like October.


I can't stand it when people have really long toenails. Now that it's cooler, those people should put their socks and shoes back on.


I am addicted to pomegranates again.


Lately I keep having very weird dreams. Very very weird ones.


In my lifetime I want to draw a syndicated comic strip. And when I do, if I do, it will be very funny. Not like a bunch of the stupid stuff that is in the newspaper today. Mine will be roll-on-the-floor-laughing funny. I just need to come up with the right theme. Someday.