Tuesday, September 26, 2006

George's parents

I don't have time to write much today, but here's one picture from last weekend's trip to NYC.

These are my in-laws, Ella and Alex. We were at a Chinese buffet. Alex took this gigantic fish.

They had a notice on the table warning: "do not waste food! If you waste food, we will add the cost to your bill!" I've never seen a threat like that at a buffet.

Alex did finish that whole fish.


Karin said...

That is crazy I have never seen a sign like that. What if you tried something and thought it was gross, are you than responsible to eat it or be charged more for them making bad food?

Badoozie said...

ok, that is really weird about wasting food warnings. i've always thought the cost at buffets obviously covered that.

funny about the whole fish. i would never slap an entire fish on my plate. i can't believe they had entire fish to slap on ones plate

BarBarA said...

They look super nice.

I can't believe they had a sign that said that!

Jenn said...

Karin, I was thinking about that. George could not eat the baby octopus he sampled, because it was like rubber. I think they are a little crazy.

Susie, I couldn't believe it either. I thought, "who would ever take one of those whole fish?!" Then when I got back to my table my question was answered.

Barbara, they are indeed very nice. :0)

Leslee said...

What the? That's crazy! They must have a problem with people filling up their plates and then leaving.

Michelle said...

I'm still picking my jaw up after i read that sign LOL....omg that is just plain rude!
Georges dad looks fab for 65!

Seeker said...

I saw a sign like that at a Chinese buffet in Missouri. Maybe it's a Chinese thingy.
Nice photo.

Aunt Jo said...

Wow George looks like his dad.

I couldn't put a whole fish on my plate. I don't like my food to look at me.