Thursday, December 07, 2006

in other news...

Here's more doodles.

The line at the post office becomes very very long when this particular sweater-vested guy is working. I was in line when I doodled him.

I'm taking a day off today. I'm going to try and catch up on everyone's blogs the best I can.

Oh, and hey, I just noticed, today is my one year blogoversary.


uncle joe said...

yikes, that whistle guy is probably me.

Anonymous said...

What a great portrait you did of my husband...the postal guy ;) by way of Emma!

BarBarA said...

Happy ablogoversary!

I am avoiding the post office like the plague these days!

Aunt Jo said...

Hmmmm Uncle Joe's alter ego is revealed!

Is that you in the middle with sardines flying around your head?

Jenn! Step away from the Eggnog!!

Jenn said...

Uncle Joe, really? Do you whistle the hymns? I've been trying to figure out who that guy is!

sissy b., thanks for dropping by! Is your husband a postal guy or does he just look like the postal guy?

barbara, I've had to mail stuff a few times... I prefer our little country post office because it's not so crowded.

aunt jo, I believe I was drawing a specific person that I was looking at, but you know, it does kind of look like me!

Meow said...

Ooooh, happy blog anniversary. Whoo-hoo, one year ... I've only just been at it longer by a couple of weeks !!
I love your doodles ... do I spy a few kitties creeping into your doodling lately !!
Have a wonderful weekend.
Take care, Meow

uncle joe said...

Wow, you're already one year old?
That makes me....72 in dog years.

Badoozie said...

happy blogversary
i wonder if sweater vest guy is anything like our slowtalker the USP.

so, do dogs have lips?

hey, thanks for the wheely shoe thing, i've got some hits off that on sitemeter

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary! And thanks for stopping by on my blog. Mine is coming up later this month (the 18th), I wonder what I'll write about?

Thanks for your kind words,


The Daily Rant said...

I found you through my best friends blog, Na Uh! Ya Huh!

I think you're exactly right about turning what you like to do into a way to make a living. You just never know!

I love your cartoons and I'm going to CafePress right now to buy the "Flying Pig" sweatshirt for my cousin for Christmas. She LOVES Pigs and she loves to Ski - so it's SOOOOOOO perfect!

Glad I stumbled upon you!

Happy Holidays!

The Daily Rant said...

One more thing....Rhymes With Orange is my FAVORITE comic strip!!! Hilary Price is pure genius!!!

Fred said...

Happy blogoversary! I'm looking forward to another year of doodles!

Jenn said...

Meow, happy blog anniversary to you too. :) Yes, there are some kitties peeking thier heads into my doodles.

uncle joe, huh?

badoozie, this dog has lips. :-) Yes, that is my number one hit.

Hi Mike, Happy blog anniversary to you too. Funny how a bunch of us started doing this around the same time.

the daily rant, thanks for visting my blog! :-) How cool you are mommyblogger's best friend. Glad to meet another Rhymes with Orange fan, and thanks for your pig purchase!

fred, my new year resolution will be to produce even more quality doodles. :-)