Tuesday, November 20, 2007

happy thanksgiving eve eve

This morning I was back in Panera working on some new dog doodles. Even though Christmas shopping has already begun, it's never too late to upload some new stuff onto Cafepress.

I happened to be sitting next to a very loud gossipy crowd in there today. I haven't heard so much cackling since the montage of cackling Hillarys on The Daily Show with John Stewart.


Thoughtful said...

Thanks for the Hillary clip. I hadn't seen that one yet -- it was funny. Is there a button in her back that someone pushes?

krok56 said...

If an alligator attacks you rub his stomach and he will fall asleep.

I learned that from Sarbanes Oxley.

Emma Sometimes said...

Her laugh is obnoxious. Period.

Your drawings however are not. That is a cute drawing.

Anonymous said...

she is truly magnificent...indeed