Sunday, March 23, 2008

This cartoon is from a calendar I bought last year.

I love the dog. And the kids' faces.


Last night I had a dream that I was driving, and out my rear-view mirror I could see the car behind me was decorated like a bunny, with ears and a cotton tail. The driver and passenger were both dressed in bunny costumes. I had my camera and I took a picture of them, because I thought "this would be a great shot for my blog."


Sarah said...

I like that cartoon, except for the typo! ;-)

That was a funny dream you had!

Aunt Jo said...

I love it when that happens. ;o)

Uncle Joe said...

My kingdom for a chocolate bunny.

That dream is hilarious.

You should cartoon that dream.

I hope the Dollar Store has chocolate bunny's for half-price today.

Aunt Jo said...

I found two TWO chocolate bunny boxes in the trash. Did I get any of them? NO!

Anonymous said...

It's pretty telling when you're looking for blog fodder in your dreams ;)

Jenn said...

Sarah, funny, I didn't notice the typo when I posted this.

aunt jo, the cartoon or the dream?

uncle joe, 50 cent chocolate bunnies? Now that's gotta be some tasty high-quality chocolate.

aunto jo, probably ones you bought, huh. Go get yourself a whole box of Easter candy on sale. It may be 75% off by now.

doozie, yeah, you can you tell this blog needs help!?

Saur♥Kraut said...

Cute dream! Yeah, the Easter Bunny would have to deliver his baskets out of the reach of the doggies or they would look like THIS one. ;o)

Melissa E. said...

One of my favorite cartoons ever is of two chocolate bunnies talking; one with ears and one whose ears have been eaten. The eared bunny tells the other "Happy Easter!" The other just asks, "What?"

It makes me hungry every time.

Uncle Joe said...

AJ wouldn't buy us any candy this year, so I had to go on the down low and sneak some marked down chocolate in the house.
You know the box is ten times bigger than the bunny itself.