Thursday, August 07, 2008

a bunch of unrelated photos

A typical day.

Bunny on the run.

What happened to my car on July 2.

Some strange architecture in Brooklyn.

It's important to watch out for snipers.

Big Bird.

There's just so much to do around here... tractor pulls... yeeee--haw!

chomp chomp chomp

Benji, Misty, Scarlet


Dawn said...

Interesting randomness...

We were in Erie the other day and stopped into your *branch office for a cuppa...

*Panera Bread

Thought of you and listened in on some conversations.
Yours are waaaaay more intriguing.

Aunt Jo said...

I love the pictures!!

Beautiful pups too! I bet they are soft and smell good too. :o)

Bee Repartee said...

I agree your kids are very cute and fluffy.

Ouch on your car..everyone okay?

Lastly, I like your little square dishes. I'm on a square dish phase right now. I have several and you know, little square chopstick rest/holders are AWESOME spoon rests for the microwave.