Monday, June 11, 2007


I was going through some old sketchbooks tonight and came across these doodles.


Saturday we were grocery shopping, and when I went to buy a bag of Japanese rice, I noticed there were living winged insects inside the sealed bag! They were in there trying to fly! The only way they could have gotten in there is by recently hatching out of some eggs that were in the rice.

They say, if you keep flour long enough things will hatch out of it.

I bought a different brand of rice this time.


Anonymous said...

so would it be wrong of me to ask...does that mean you may have eaten some of those eggs? watch the backdoor, see what comes out

Layla (aka Barbara) said...


good plan to buy different brand!

Jenn said...

ba doozie, well, I suppose, if they had been in a previous bag. But they were fully cooked.

layla, yes, it's not good when your rice comes alive.

Meow said...

Eewwwwwww, glad you bought a different brand.
Love the doodles, Jenn ... you are great. Wish I had your talent.
Take care, Meow

Seeker said...

I had to laugh when I saw your title on this post. When we were kids we called the cardboard roller inside the toilet paper roll a "doodley-doo", because when the TP was gone our mom would give us the doodley-doo to use as a megaphone and we'd run around the house singing, "DOODLEY-DOO" through the doodley-doo.

Seeker said...

P.S. When I lived in Brazil, we often got living things in the flour, cornmeal, dried beans, etc. No big deal. Just use a sifter. And sort your legumes. The extra protein won't hurt you, anyway.

Aunt Jo said...

I am sure we would all be surprised at what kind of "extra protein" is in our foods.

I love the doodle that covers the whole page!