Saturday, June 02, 2007


Do you ever have a day where you don't get any email for so long, that you start to wonder if your email stopped working?


It is very hot and muggy here.


George bought this Brady Bunch fabric that he loves, and today I made it into curtains for his home office.

I wish they were a little longer, but it works.


I have a Sears Kenmore sewing machine that I only use for hemming things. Making curtains is really the same as hemming.

I had to refer to my owner's manual to figure out how to get the thread wrapped around the right way.

This is my favorite page from the Sears Kenmore Sewing Machine Owner's Manual:


George put this video up on youtube. Skippy and his favorite toy. Oh, and yes that's me.

George got the music from a Russian movie called Kavkazskaya Plennitsa.


Anonymous said...

skippy is a maniac. What's next, the dave letterman show? I hope he becomes a star!

Jenn said...

ba doozie, he was on the planet's funniest animals once. I need to get that off of vhs and post it on here.

Aunt Jo said...

skippy the wonder pup!

cute video

i will email you now to test your email's efficacy

Anonymous said...

That is so funny.

Anonymous said...

loved the movie. need to get the song out of my head.