Saturday, July 14, 2007

some portland pics

You can save a few bucks at the Marriott if you get the room without a view. But we didn't travel all the way to Portland, Oregon just to hang out in our hotel room anyway.

The Columbia River Gorge. This is the first scenic view we drove out to see, right after we got off the airplane and got our rental car.

Multnomah Falls. Thankfully, there were no earthquakes or falling boulders while we were there.

These are carnivorous plants at the Portland Saturday Market. I'd never seen ones like these. I guess they would be hard to check in to the airplane.

There is a different breed of street performers in these parts.

One thing that was cool about Portland was the enormous variety of coffee shops. In Seattle it was practically all Starbucks and Seattle's Best on every street corner. Portland had some good affordable restaurants too. The first night we were there we ate a huge feast at a Mediterranean restaurant.


Anonymous said...

if that guy is homeless where do you think he stashes those amps to keep them from getting stolen? maybe he's not homeless? was there any money in that can?

Aunt Jo said...

what? no pictures of your food?? :o)

I am glad you had a good time!

Beautiful pictures....

Jenn said...

Ba Doozie, You have a point! I don't think he is homeless. He probably didn't have any money in the can, because another interesting character had just left that location and he had just started his gig.

aj, sorry, no food pics for you. Actually, I think there were some that George took with his camera.