Wednesday, July 11, 2007

traveling doodles

Here's a bunch of doodles from our flight home, which included a five-hour layover in Chicago. We've become quite familiar with that airport and its food choices from this and other trips.

Gone are the days of the free in-flight t.v. dinner. Welcome the $5 bagel sandwich.

I never noticed how many people wear Crocs until spending a huge amount of time watching people in the airport.

I knew about those little drive-through espresso places out west, but never realized what an abundance of them there are, and way out in the middle of nowhere too. You will never have to drive far without an espresso. You will probably have to drive farther to find a bathroom though, so don't drink too much.

This is a tourist attraction for us, since we do not have this kind of thing in our parts, unless it's a Starbucks with a drive-through.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe there are no espresso stands around there. You could make a bundle of money by opening one

Emma Sometimes said...

There is a coffee shop close to my apartment that is the home of the 32 Ounce Latte.

Like...a big gulp. It didn't taste too bad either (I split it with two of my kids)

I should blog about it, you know?

PS. I remembered I am a lame friend and prize promiser. I will be sending your prize shortly for the mullet photo ((embarrassed)) from Feb.

Jenn said...

ba doozie, maybe. Or a drive-through chicken wing stand might do better in these parts.

emma, how many shots are in a latte that size? I didn't realize I got a prize, except the pure glory of having the hottest mullet.