Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Japan Sketches and Doodles

Some sketches and doodles from my two weeks in Japan.


Aunt Jo said...

My dream is to make it big and be a doodle on your doodle pages. :o)

I love your doodles.

So did you talk a mile a minute when you got home??

Uncle Joe said...

I love your doodles too.

I seem to have lost my doodle power.

jennifer said...

Well HI! Uncle Joe gave me a head's up about you so here I am!

LOVE your Doodle-ography. Really good. I posted Doodles today too, part of a week long challenge that I caught the tail end of. They are not on par with your Doodle art, but it was fun.

Maybe a cool Doodler like yourself might want to participate too?

Today's theme was Abstract and tomorrow's theme is Mad.

And then that's it. :(

Hope you have a Blessed Day.


doozie said...

dude, wheres my comment.

I love love love the little character with the umbrella in the last doodle page. I want cards with that little dude on them. Did you do another calendar? I forgot to check

Fred said...

"I'm your new little friend" I liked that one.

I've never been to Japan. I hope you had a good time while you were there.