Sunday, May 25, 2008


I decided I need to spend more time sketching people. I don't do it much. I think a great place to sketch people would be at the Starbucks in Target. The people in Target are becoming more and more like the people in Walmart. It would be fun to sit there in Starbucks and draw the people who are standing in line at Target. I know just the place.


Some people really seem to believe that everyone else appreciates the smell of their stinky perfume. They cake it on before leaving their house and then spread their fumes throughout the atmosphere. There should be some kind of a public service announcement against this.


Today I had my first frappuccino of the season.


It's taken me a while to get things back in order since I got back from Japan. I think I'm finally back to normal now. Whatever you want to call "normal."

I've been fighting a persistent battle against the indian meal moth, which entered our house through a bag of birdseed.

I've been helping George out while he's been dealing with persistent headaches. Thankfully, they greatly subsided over this weekend. He had a spinal tap recently to have his fluid tested. His fluid is fine.

I've also been ripping weeds out of our landscaping. I realized after we bought this house that all the pretty landscaping in our front yard doesn't take care of itself. I had a major spasm in my back last week after all that raking and hoeing.

I spent a bunch of time putting videos of my trip to Japan on DVDs. I learned how to use iMovie and iDVD.

And last week I made this page of affiliate ads for my website. I am so psyched that I finished this. It was a daunting task that was hanging over my head for so long, but another friendly shopkeeper had a template that I used for the page. If any of you want to make some $$$ by linking to me, you can by becoming a Cafepress affiliate.

Hopefully I'll be blogging more.


Uncle Joe said...

I'm happy George finally got a reprieve from those migraines.
I hope it continues to go well for him.
Yes, we would like to see more of you in the blogworld.

doozie said...

I was fine with the linking until I got to this part "Change click-XXXXXXX to your PID number key from your CJ account (e.g. click-1234567)."


After George had his fluid tested he should have stood up and yelled ".08 SUCKERS!!!!!!"

Is there a season for frappuccino's?

I like the chai tea flavor

Bryan said...

Hi ya, Jenn. Funny sketches!

Aunt Jo said...

So, if I see a short doodley girl in line behind me at Target I'll know it's you??

Glad George is clear. I cannot imagine how bad a real migraine must feel. I only get spousal-aggrivation induced headaches haha

Fred said...

Great sketches, Jenn.

Any chance you'll post some of your videos?

Aunt Jo said...

You are not blogging more yet.

Jenn said...

hey Uncle Joe, thanks, George is happy too.

doozie, If you sign up with the cafepress affiliate program, you get your own number so they can track the sales made through your links. Then you can make a ton of money and become rich Rich RICH! Frappuccinos are fresh this time of year, yes.

Hi bryan, nice to see you here.

Aunt Jo, Maybe, but more likely I would be drawing from some secret location.

Fred? Is that you?! I would like to post them, but I'm not sure yet.

aunt jo, yeah, yeah... gimmee time.

Saur♥Kraut said...

It's always enjoyable to see your doodles and creations. ;o)

Yeah: Weeding. Bleah. I've gotta get out there and do it. I've got a lawn svc. that thankfully spares me from most of it.

Fred said...

Yup, that's me!

rachel said...

I love your people sketches-I always have...and the part about thoughts exactly...:oD

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on the perfume thing! It seems that the more annoying the fragrance the more liberal the application too. I have yet to run into someone who wears patuli oil in any moderation!
As always: Loved loved loved the doodles.
I think you may have a home depot comercial somewhere in your weeding experiences. You know the ones where the workers have had the same problems? My advice - plant dandilions. They actually are pretty and you don't have to maintain anything. They have been proven to choke out grass too!

Anonymous said...

How's the meal moth mania going. did those traps work?