Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tom & Skippy

There's this cat that lives at the farm/park where I like to take Skippy for a walk. This has to be the friendliest cat I've ever met. His name is Tom, and he doesn't run away from anybody, not even my dog. If I was to let Skippy off his leash, he'd be jumping all over this cat. But Tom trusts me to hang onto the leash, and he lets Skippy get close and even smell him.


Fred said...

My 22-pounder loves to sleep on her back, too. I guess it's comfortable!

Aunt Jo said...

Sounds like our cat, Charlie. He lets Shelby Dog get close and even rubs up against her neck, then bats her away. Cats are so fickle.

doozie said...

Super Dog would go up, flop down and expect the cat to clean his ears