Saturday, December 17, 2005

Can Anyone Relate to This?

I drew this cartoon after an experience I had at a bagel shop I used to frequent for lunch in Rochester, NY. "These sanitary rubber gloves are really LONG LASTING! I've had these for over a week... cleaning bathrooms, counting cash, making sandwiches..."


Sarah said...

That's just...nasty!

So what was your experience? :-)

Jenn said...

The guy was sweeping the floor wearing his gloves before he used them to assemble all the ingredients of my sandwich. I should have not come back after my first bad experience. An inchworm crawled out of my sandwich as I was about to eat the second half of it. Of course, we all have seen workers use the same gloves on food and cash... kind of defeats the purpose.

Sarah said...

Ewww...yeah, definitely not a place to eat at again!

I love how you can turn your life experiences into cartoons...God's given you a great gift!