Thursday, May 25, 2006

book 11

I always carry a little sketchbook with me, and in the past I've used it mainly to improve my drawing skills, and just to sketch my surroundings wherever I happen to be.

Then a year ago I read this book called Aha!

The author suggests bunch of methods for bringing out your creative ideas. One thing he said (for anyone not just artists) is to always have a little book to write down any creative idea that happens to come to your head before it gets away and you lose it forever.

I found the perfect sketchbook at that time, to replace all the other sketchbooks that fill my closet. This little 4"X6" Strathmore drawing pad goes everywhere with me. It is the perfect size, and unlike some sketchbooks with cheap paper, I can write on both sides and the ink won't bleed through.

Every book gets numbered, so here I am a year later on book #11. Sometimes I post doodles from these books, but I also write down any genius little idea that I get for just about anything... a cartoon, a greeting card, an invention, a gift idea for someone... (the best ideas are TOP SECRET!)

Here's some recent doodles.


Bar Bar A said...

Hey, I may check out that book! Great idea. Love your doods!

Michelle said...

I admire your work, how talented you are :o)

Meow said...

Your doodles are the best. Love the kitty ... your kitty's are the greatest.
Take care, Meow

Badoozie said...

all i can say, is thank GOD no one has killed your inner child. you go girl

as for the little notebook thing, i'm going to do that method. i bought a pack of little ones, and some bigger ones, and put them everywhere, it will be easier to gather them up , than all the backs of reciepts, and other scraps i write things all over and then loose. heck, i wrote an entire blog post on a little 2x3 pad waiting at the dr's the other day. i'm never one to waste my time, like you sketch, i do sudoku, read, or write things down and make lists. or if i'm stuck with nothing else, in a drive thru, i pluck my eyebrows and do picking chores

Jenn said...

bar bar a, it was a good book, that and "A Whack on the Side of the Head" are great creativity books.

Michelle, thanks, I admire your work too!

Meow, I can't stop doodling kitties.

I love this size of book. I used to have larger sketchbooks that made people more suspicious of what I was drawing, that made people want to look over my shoulder. This size even fits in my pocket if I have a coat on, and easily in a purse.
What are picking chores? I cannot pluck my own eyebrows. I have to leave that chore to the professionals.

Muley said...

All I can say sounds so trite, are so talented. What a joy to have such a gifted hand that responds so well to such an interesting, observant, humorous mind.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Honey, you are so incredibly talented. Your hubby must just love sitting next to you, watching you create. I'll bet most of us could just sit quietly and watch for hours.

Jenn said...

Thank you for your nice and encouraging comments... I am faaaar from where I want be with this artistically and professionally. But I'm enjoying the process.