Saturday, May 27, 2006

a movie and a mystery

Last night we watched The Ringer. I thought this movie was actually quite funny.

Then late at night my dog felt sick to his stomach. Maybe I gave him too much popcorn during the movie. He had to run outside a few times during the night and eat grass.

Around 1:00 AM as I opened the back door, I heard the sound of a light "thud" on the roof, and then a bunch of soft grey bird feathers came floating down off the roof, landing in front of me there on the deck.

I figured there must be a bird's nest in the eavestroughs, so I checked up there this afternoon and there is nothing. Hmmm...

Skippy ate a bunch of the feathers before I could stop him. Interesting, but he wasn't sick at all after that.

We're getting some nice warm weather now, after a string of cold and rainy days. I sat outside and read for a while.

Skippy needed some shade, so I made him this little shady spot out of my chair.


Sarah said...

Wow, I consider myself a very well-read person, but I have never before encountered the word "eavestroughs." Is that the Eastern way of saying gutters? If so, I like it better...sounds much more refined! I can picture someone with a lovely British accent: "I say, there appears to be a bird's nest in the eavestroughs. How curious!" :-)

Skippy looks so contented in his little shady spot!

Saur♥Kraut said...

What a very nice, peaceful time you've had over all. Skippy looks so happy! Neither of my dogs would go for that. One would be paranoid, get skittish, and knock it over on top of himself. The other would jump about until she knocked it down.

Jenn said...

Hey Sarah, I thought it looked like I might have spelled it wrong so I googled it first and a bunch of carpenter sites came up about fixing eavestroughs. We say gutters here too, but when I think of a gutter, I think more of a ditch by the side of the road. Interesting.

Saur, Skippy has a strange behavior of his own. He goes nuts anytime anyone goes out the door. He can't stand for anyone to leave, even someone he doesn't know. Other than that, he is absolutey perfect, and he is my pride and joy. He's usually very smiley, just like that picture.

Sarah said...

Jenn, I think the proper term around here is "rain gutters," but we just say "gutters" for short! We also use "gutter" for the edge of the curb in the road, too.

Michelle said...

Awww, he looks so contented!

uncle joe said...

I haven't been around in a while. Too many honeydo's for a man of my stature to endure,butI'm caught up for the moment anyway.
Thanks for the goodie box.Itwas like Christmas, the T-shirt was a perfect fit.....UJ

Badoozie said...

so, when skippy needs shade and what not, does he communicate through verbal, written, or just sign language of some kind?

i thought that the thud, bird, movie and skippy eating grass were somehow all interconnected. in fact i am convinced of it. skippy is up to something, you may want to put a device on him which will track his goings about.

Bar Bar A said...

sounds like you and Skippy had an eventful evening! I am glad he's felling better. Great idea for a shade maker!