Sunday, November 26, 2006

new treats

Yesterday we got some new kukuruznye palochky from Emma Sometimes. She had some connections!

We have a Russian cartoon on VHS with that guy who's floating there on the right. His name is Carlson and he is Swedish. I suppose he speaks Russian with a Swedish accent.

thanks emma (sometimes)!


Aunt Jo said...

Emma's a Gemma! Come on over to my place and see what she gave me for Christmas!

Were the treats tasty??

Jenn said...

AJ, Your new emma-designed blog template is awesome! You know, I haven't tasted the treats. They are George's big deal. I tried the ones he got in Brooklyn. They are not my thing.

EmmaSometimes said...

k, are they the ones George was looking for?

and check your Kaboodle page...I want to add you to my "Dog Lovers" group. Kind of ironic because there are so many people on kaboodle that love dogs and no group! And, me, dogless. Ironic, yes? Of course, I added your mytreat page. :o)

uncle joe said...

That Emma-girl is just the best..ain't she!!

momyblogR said...

A Russian Swedish man, how funny. lol!