Thursday, November 09, 2006

some pics

We have this cool place here, that's both a farm and a park. Since today was an unusually nice day, I had lunch with George over there, and then took Skippy for a nice long walk. This time of year you can't take nice weather for granted!

"There are so many trees to pee on here. Where to even begin?!"

Who's going to feed Tina?

Maybe it's weird, but I'm fascinated with tree bark.

This little guy does a great job mowing the lawn. We should get one of these and sell our mower, but I guess then we'd need a giant pooper-scooper.


Aunt Jo said...

pooper scooper? shoot...he is a built in fertilizer!

skippy looks to fluffy and cute! i bet he smells good too.

EmmaSometimes said...


in other news..

Your dog is the CUUUUUUUUTEST dog on the planet. adorable, really.

I love your neighborhood. Great to walk and so beautiful.

Sarah said...

We have a cool park/farm near us, too! These pictures kinda' reminded me of it!

Glad you had a good weather day, and were able to take advantage of it!

And yes, Skippy is adorable!

Karin said...

The pictures are great. If we had that much beautiful land it would be converted into a golf course for only the rich to enjoy.

Leslee said...


BarBarA said...

Wow! Great pics, and what a beautiful place to live!!

uncle joe said...

I'll feed Tina....

AJ let me borrow her laptop..
for five seconds....

Jenn said...

aunt jo, he smells like a snuggle bear. You don't want to smell his breath though.

emma, we feel honored and privileged to be the proud owners of the world's cutest dog. I've passed your compliment along to him. This is not quite our neighborhood-driving distance-there are a few gizzilion dollar houses right on this property.

hi Sarah, we loved the park you took us to in San Francisco. If we come to CA again you'll have to show us your farm park next time.

karin, I need to check your profile again... I forgot where you live.

hi Leslee, thanks for stopping by. I need to come by and visit you.

same for you barbara.

uncle joe, I thought it was her computer that blew up, and she was borrowing yours now

Jenn said...

Karin, I see, Culver City, it must be a populated area. Not many horse farms out there huh?

Meow said...

Fabulous photos, Jenn. I love taking photos of tree bark, too ... it can be soo beautiful.
The farm / park looks like fun.
Thanks for sharing.
Take care, Meow

keesh said...

what kind of dog is that? he is so fricken cute! I want one :). we have a lab and he just isn't "cute" to me like that. he is great and i love him, but he isn't adorable :). Know what i mean?

Badoozie said...

i came here the other day and got distracted so never did post a comment...i hate when that, i caught that tina comment, very funny!!

skippy is so obviously pampered, you must brush him daily

Jenn said...

meow, you always have such great photos!

kish, Skippy is a Pomeranian, and we agree he is the cutest. :-) I will pass your compliment along to him. He loves compliments.

susie, I do the same thing at your blog. so if you see I've been there and didn't leave a comment, it's nothing personal. Skippy is not brushed as much as he should be; he's especially particular about anyone brushing his fluffy butt.