Sunday, February 11, 2007

some doodles

I only draw with a blue bic pen if I'm desperate.


Aunt Jo said...

wow. your desperate doodles are better than my "best doodle ever".

:o) i love to see your doodles

Sarah said...

Your doodles are awesome, even with a Bic! :-)

Emma Sometimes said...

blueberry bagels and cinnamon bagels should never mix.

words to live by.

cute doodles!!

Anonymous said...

bic pens work in a pinch, although im wondering where you were without a pen?

Jenn said...

AJ, I hope you are working on your doodles with that little book I gave you.

sarah, thankz!

emma, cinnamon? it's the stinky ones I won't let touch the sweet ones.

badoozie, I was at church, and I allllways have a huge stash of pens with me at church. This was some freak of nature Sunday morning. I went in desperation to the church office and borrowed that bic pen from the secretary. And the lady's face in pencil was drawn with one of the tiny pencils they keep in the back of the pews.

Seeker said...

Love the dog on the table. Just wondering how he got up there.

Meow said...

Brilliant doodles, Jenn ... and what's wrong with a Bic pen ?!?!
Happy Valentines Day.
Take care, Meow

Jenn said...

Seeker, Oh, he's up on the grooming table.

Meow, I will have to send you one of my favorite pens. You'll never use a Bic again.