Sunday, February 04, 2007

white out

We are completely snowed in today. All the churches are closed. I don't know if anything is open... it must be a bummer for all the chicken wing & pizza places that were hoping to make a lot of money on Super Bowl Sunday.

They say it's good for one's mental health to buy some spring flowers this time of year.

Thankfully the power has not gone out, so we are toasty warm in here. I've been reading a book called "A Girl Named Zippy," and cleaning my office. And I did some shoveling for Skippy, who cannot go to the bathroom when the snow is two feet over his little head. I think that the path I made for him is all filled in again by now. It just keeps coming down today!


Aunt Jo said...

love the pictures!
if it won't kill the flower, take it outside for a picture!

poor skippy and his peepee problems. i don't want to peepee with snow over my head either.
you are a good doggie mama

Jenn said...

Aunt Jo, I don't think it would die if it was only out there for less than a minute.

Bryan said...

Know what you mean about the weather. We've been hit especially hard here in Oklahoma this year with an unusually cold winter and lots more snow than we're used to.

Stay warm. :)

Hayduke said...

I haven't seen snow in seven months. Nice to know that it's still around..

Jenn said...

Hey Bryan, we've actually had an extremely mild winter up until mid-January. I'm still ready for spring though. I guess you're getting some of our snow this year.

Hayduke, yes, I think most of it is here in my backyard.

Badoozie said...

so hows your mental health? feeling like taking on the world?

Jenn said...

badoozie, hmmm... well, I'm going to take on the world whether I feel like it or not.

Charles said...

Ah...reminds me of home. We don't get much snow here in Detroit, but lately it has been frigid! It was around -4 degrees most of today.

Meow said...

Hope you were able to stay warm, and your power didn't go off.
The photos are gorgeous ... so cheery.
Take care, stay warm, Meow