Tuesday, March 20, 2007

a bunch of boring stuff

Every day I want to post something new on here, but lately I'm just not sure what to say. So here is an assortment of the boring stuff that's been going on.

I finally bought myself a new pair of sneakers. I've been wearing these Sketchers for five years... maybe longer.

I like these Pumas I bought at Lady Footlocker. They need to be broken in though. They are leather, and the flap on the inside (tongue) is sharp and pokes my ankle.

Last Friday we finally got a new carpet put in our basement. The October flood destroyed our previous carpet. After a huge waterproofing job, we are finally able to get our house back in order.

Unfortunately, they did not actually finish our carpet... that would have been too easy. The installers didn't order enough carpet. They need to come back this week with more and finish this area along the wall where they ran out. I am getting used to being patient.

This back area of the basement is actually much cleaner than it used to be.

Last weekend I took a ton of stuff out of the back and used this space under the stairs as storage. We never throw away the cardboard boxes that things come in... they come in handy someday when you want to sell your old stuff on Ebay.

I've got a bunch of ugly still life paintings that I painted in college. There was a class where we painted one ghastly still life after another.

I decided I am going to do away with them forever... I'll keep those two up above, those were actually the best of the worst. But I'm painting over these other canvases and I'm going to create something new and abstract. I'm not sure what yet, but I'm inspired. I need to get the rest of the canvases out of my parents' attic so I can paint over those too.

The first signs of spring are here... the emerging of the winter dog poop. I have been out scooping poop that dates back to October, all gathered together where I shoveled some walkable space for Skippy when the snow was four feet high.

I finally got my camera phone, and I've yet to post any picture from it until now. Here's something, but it's not even that interesting. This is from last Thursday morning. What a morning that was. I got up at 5:30 am because George was getting an upper G.I. procedure done at 7:00 (acid reflux problems). He woke up from the thing, I was driving him home, he said he felt good, wanted some breakfast, but then he suddenly got really sick. I had to pull over a bunch of times so he could throw up, and then I drove him back to the recovery room.

They put us in a corner where people were in beds all around us recovering from their colonoscopies. A nurse kept encouraging them to let out their farts. So there I sat for a good hour or so, surrounded by a chorus of farts. Every once in a while the nurse would walk by spraying pink air freshener. George was lying there sick with oxygen up his nose, and didn't even know what was going on until we got home and I explained to him what all the noise was.

The picture is of a flock of turkeys that walked by the window while I was sitting in there.


Anonymous said...

I hope George is alright now. But that is too funny about where they put you. Did you laugh when someone let a fart out? I would have died laughing, but I find that kind of stuff hilarious!

Jenn said...

Hey Marci, George is fine now. He recovered that day. I was at times on the brink of laughter, but everyone in there was so serious. What a job to have, working in that room.

Aunt Jo said...

A chorus of farts!! Hilarious!!

If I kept a pair of shoes for 5 years they would disinegrate. I am very hard on shoes.

Loved all the pictures......

Jenn said...

aj, well, most of the farts were baritones. They weren't all that melodious... didn't hit many of the high notes.

Somehow those shoes have survived my wearing them many many days on my feet at the frame shop. They are very comfortable.

Anonymous said...

great post!
i love your new shoes, I want some

that farting thing is so funny

Carly said...

Please Come to my blog.