Saturday, March 03, 2007

more closet cleaning

I don't like these sketchbooks. I think they are annoying. I used to think I would like them, because they are pocket-sized, but something about the small size of paper and large ringed binding makes them very uncomfortable for me. There are not many good sketches in these, but here's a handful I thought I'd hang on to. In chronological order...

Some people in the chapel at my college. This is when all girls had the same hairstyle, just pull back the two sides and put some kind of clip in the back. Then poof up your bangs. Floofy bow optional.

My roommate Kaori studying with her hair sticking straight up in a clip... this style was for inside-dorm wear only.

Dr. Gladin (my sociology professor) and a guy named Yo.

A couple of sketches out of the window of the lobby of the Bausch & Lomb building in Rochester. George used to work there. For a while we were sharing a car. I was probably sitting in there waiting to drive him home.

This guy was the speaker at a church in Nantucket. We took a vacation there for about a week when my brother was working there, and we had a free place to stay. Maybe Chuck remembers who this guy is.


Anonymous said...

lots and LOTS of people where i live still wear their hair all poofy in the front, clipped back, i want to WHACK IT OFF

Karin said...

I still clip my hair back but I don't have any bangs to poof in the front. The last doodle looks like Dennis Miller to me.

Seeker said...

The outdoor sketches are especially cool... is that felt-tip marker?
Do people really name their kids Yo?

Charles said...

I can't remember the name of the person on Nantucket Island. His face looks familiar, but I can't figure out his name. I like the picture of Bill in your last post. His posture looks just right. It reminds me of Christmas gatherings.

momyblogR said...

What great stuff to find in your closet!

Jenn said...

badoozie, Do you want to whack off the front or the back?

karin, you're right. He does look like Dennis Miller.

seeker, yes, it's a small Sharpie. Yo was Japanese. I guess they do name them Yo in Japan.

Chuck, Yeah, I've got some more I may post. There's one of Grandpa and Cody somewhere.

momyblogr, It's fun. My closet is a mess. There is more to come.

Meow said...

Great sketches, Jenn. You sure do have a way of capturing the essence of whatever you draw. You are very good. Thanks for sharing.
Take care, Meow

Anonymous said...

OK, i've got it! You could do court-room sketches. Those drawings are fantastic! I prefer your cartoon stuff but those quick pencil sketches are just what you see on the news with the trials where the don't allow cameras. Possibility?