Friday, March 02, 2007

cleaning out my closet

This old sketchbook has some interesting memories in it from the 1997/1998 era.

I drew these people in the Barnes & Noble Cafe. The lady's face got smooshed.

I used to work in the same plaza as this Barnes & Noble. I remember sitting in there sketching this. I must have been really bored.

I was a volunteer at my church's AWANA program on Wednesday nights. This guy was always entertaining the kids with his "Sparky" puppet. I don't think the drawing is that good, but it's a fun memory. Here's a sketch of some folks at an indoor soccer game. They really pack the bleachers at those games.

This is my Uncle Bill. Christmas day, 1998.

I'm always drawing at Christmas cantatas.

We were at a friend's super bowl party when I drew a number of sketches of their dog, Jack.

I might keep posting these sketches as I find them. They are an interesting record of my life. And not much new is happening here these days. So this entertains me.

A comment I have about the new blogger... I have yet to understand why it is better than the old blogger. One annoying thing, I keep telling it to keep me logged in, but every day I have to sign in again.


momyblogR said...

Your Uncle Bill and the guys at the indoor soccer game, crack me UP! Uncle Bill looks thrilled to no end, lol!

Aunt Jo said...

I am usually doodling during cantatas too...but your doodles are better than mine. :o)

I love your doodles. It is a picture diary! Isn't it cool how just looking at them can take you back to that moment when you drew them?