Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I'm in Starbucks this morning and a guy decided to plop himself down at the table directly in front of me, in the seat facing me. So now I can't ever stare straight ahead without risking making awkward eye contact with him.

Another uncomfortable situation is if someone sits near you, and you were about to leave anyway, but if you get right up and leave you look like you hate the person.


Seeker said...

Dontcha just hate those uncomfortable situations? I really don't like elevators too much for this reason.

Uncle Joe said...

I was wondering why you didn't talk to me.

that's really funny, and a great pic to go with the story.

you should carry secret agent sunglasses for such occasions.

Aunt Jo said...

here are suggestions for those awkward moments:

1. Pick up your celly and pretend to get a call and just hope that it doesn't ring while you are pretending to get a call.

2. Always have a book with you to read.

3. Smile a funny smile at them.

4. Lean to the side really far and say "ahhhhhh" .....bet they leave then.

5. you could always make some dumb conversation like "do you hear that voice?"

6. Reach over and start stirring his coffee like you are his mom.

7. tell him to stop slouching, stop slurping, and sit up straight

8. ask him if he wants to see pictures of your family and skippy

9. just say hi

cute picture too

Sarah said...

Does your laptop take mirror image photos? The picture behind you is backwards!

Uncle Joe said...

aj's cracking me up

Emma Sometimes said...

Staring at the person until they leave.

I don't like going into an only available smelly stall in the bathroom and when I leave someone goes in. I KNOW they are thinking I stink.

(wash hands, go! GO! GO!!!)

Emma Sometimes said...

PS. I like the color and cut of your hair. Very cute.