Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Starbucks Office

Welcome to my Starbucks office. This is where I like to work in the mornings sometimes, at the back table of this room that's more like a hallway. Unfortunately there is no free internet in here, but I enjoy working with Photoshop or just doodling in my sketchbook. The coffee seems to work better for my brain in Starbucks than at home.

I have a view out this window of the traffic going around the "circle," where I can watch car after car ignoring the yield sign.

This is just one of my four offices. More photos to come.


Uncle Joe said...

What's the blue building that says Reeds?
I can't read the smaller letters.

Jenn said...

That's the local wine-o shoppe.

Uncle Joe said...

aha! that's what I thought!!

Aunt Jo said...

Wow you are a QuadOfficer? Niiiice. The smell of coffee ignites your doodlereceptors in your brain. I know this because I am a Doodlologist and I have been studying you.

Emma Sometimes said...

Doodled By Canoodled Coffee.

I like your view.

I also like to go round and round and round those roundabouts, till your laughing so hard you are crying. It's great fun.