Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More Panera Eavesdroppings

More Eavesdroppings from my time in Panera. Maybe I can use some of these in the future for some cartoons.

The parents are wackos!

She wound up meeting a guy, but she was actually after some other guy.

Their benches were so filthy, that when I got my food I didn't want to eat it.

If we don't have the music on, she says, "I don't hear any music!" And then we have to turn it on.

Have you ever seen a mosh pit, where the jazzy kids get together, shoulder to shoulder, and you can't move?

His head was sort of stickin' in the window, and I think he was tryin' to smell liquor.

She wanted to take the Euro train from London to Paris, but nobody would go with her.

I LOVE the Dollar Store.

Are all the Quiznoses closed?


Let me smell you.



Uncle Joe said...

chuckle chuckle

this is the funniest..
the expression on your face is priceless.

Aunt Jo said...

I think you are on to something here Jenn.

You look like you just heard someone say, "let me smell you"

Dawn said...

too funny.

Uncle Joe said...

my cousin published a small zine a while back called " the eavesdroppers" he had people eavesdrop for months and send them to him...it was quite funny tho' his version was quite bawdy.
where did that word come from.

Anonymous said...

I have to know more about the smelling?

Sarah said...

This makes me want to eavesdrop somewhere!

I don't have any eaves to hide out under, though... ;-)

Found online: "The term 'eavesdrop' has its origins in the architectural genius known as the eaves of a house. The eaves are the part of the roof that extend past the actual outside walls, so that rainwater will pour off of the slanted roof, away from the house and its potential damage. (We weren’t born with gutters, you know). This creates a dry area to stand outside the house (the eavesdrop), and, incidentally, the perfect venue to overhear what is going on inside."

Danielle Blogging for Balance said...

I love your suite of offices ;)...can I be your secretary?????