Monday, February 18, 2008

A George Update.

George eventually relocated from the bed to the couch, and then from the couch to his computer. He still has headaches, but they are not as bad.

The tumor is benign.

People from our church keep bringing us food, and we have loads of casseroles that will keep us fed for weeks now.


Uncle Joe said...

That's so wonderful.

We like casseroles in OK.
can you send us one or 12 of them please?

Dawn said...

Good news!!!!

Eat up!

Sarah said...

Awesome news!

Aunt Jo said...

Our church has been ministering to a lot of people through casseroles lately.

So, what is the best one you have had so far??

God is good!! So it was a "meanie" bump??

Emma Sometimes said...

YAY!! That is most excellent news.

Does George need more kukuruznye palochky to offset the casseroles? I'm poised and read to make a run if you need it (besides we live just a mile or two from the little grocery. :)