Friday, February 15, 2008


My husband has been bedridden for the past two days now, with a spinal headache... an unforeseen side-effect of the spinal surgery. He's learned firsthand now that a headache like this is an agonizing thing, and we're told it could last seven days.


I've been busy taking care of him and drawing cute dog cartoons.


Last night I dreamed that I was in a department store where there were some products with cute cartoons on them, and I commented to some girl that I like those cute things. She said, "No you don't!" I was like, "Yes, I do!"

What was with her??!


Here's one of the cute dogs I finished. He's a PBGV. A Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen.


I bought a ticket to JAPAN! (April 16!)


Uncle Joe said...

wow, that sound painful.

how long will you be staying in Japan?

Dawn said...

David had one of those after knee surgery a few years ago. He was sort of afraid of a repeat headache when he had his bilateral knee replacements last month....But was ok.
Again,I hope George is doing better very soon...

Japan????!!!! You will post from there, yes?

Aunt Jo said...

Will you please stop by Kai's place and give him a hug for me??

A SEVEN day headache? Yikes! I hope has some good pain meds that knock him on his bootie so he can sleep it off.

Dreams are weird. I went to Incredible Pizza in my dream this week. Half naked.

Aunt Jo said...

ps cute dog!

Anonymous said...

that cartoon is adorable! yeah, what gives on the girl who seems to know what you like? you should have rapped her right in the jack johnson.

whats this japan thing? i'm reading on

Sarah said...

Oh, poor George! I've been taking care of my hubby this week too -- he's been down with a nasty flu. Unfortunately he decided to share it with me, too. Good thing George's headache isn't contagious!

I'm going to Florida the same week you're going to Japan! Hope you have fun!

Your doggie cartoon is SO cute!

Emma Sometimes said...

OUCH. Poor George indeed. You get those with a spinal epidural for a c-section, but they only last a day or two. I hope he has some good drugs. ~sending well wishes~

I just saw a news blip in the morning that listening to classical music helps you heal faster from surgery. Who knows..but anything to help him out. :(

You are such an amazing artist. I love your block signature at the bottom, very cute!

How exciting going back to Japan! Aren't you just beside yourself?