Saturday, February 02, 2008

lazy saturday

Who would've guessed that I go to judo tournaments on Saturday afternoons? Well, I don't. But I did today, and instead of doodling I took some pics with my new camera.


Mystery Building

This building resides next to a coffee shop where I work all the time. The first floor is a restaurant, but what I want to know is, what goes on in that windowless middle section?


Anonymous said...

It's pretty simple, they kill people there and harvest their organs.

as for the other, why are you going to those karate things?

Uncle Joe said...

that's great.
I took judo when I was a kid..
actually works in fights..

the building is where I do Bat-training...don't tell a soul!

Aunt Jo said...

That is where they show Joe vs the Volcano on a nightly basis.

It is where they test subjects for light deprivation.

It is a bat-apartment.

The outside is a screen for a make-shift drive-in movie/block party.

Or maybe it's just a building with really tall ceilings.

Jenn said...

dooz, what? you don't know about my fighting skills?

uncle joe, I suppose it helps to know how to flip a guy over your head.

aj, those are mighty tall ceilings.