Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm online...woo hoo!

Hey, my computer is online now, so I can post pictures on here!

A Japanese-style airplane meal.

We were greeted by this cartoon character.

And a Starbucks with COFFEE JELLY.

Tokiwa ate Cheerios and fish for breakfast this morning.


Dawn said...

You're on!!!
hmm...cheerios and fish.
I eat cheerios almost every morning...but never with fish.


Bee Repartee said...

HOW exciting.

You know when I saw this post I immediately had this song running through my head.

♪♫The Vapours rock ♫♪

Uncle Joe said...

Give 'em an Oklahoma "Yeehawww" from us!

Aunt Jo said...

Mmmm the breakfast of Japan.

Your meal is so colorful! Are colors brighter in Japan? I bet the food is going to be very tasty and ricey.

Melissa E. said...

So, what is coffee jelly anyway?

Have a great time!!