Friday, April 25, 2008

Japan has it all.

PINK dandelions.

There are ACTUAL cartoon cars here.

Need help with exfoliation? These little fishies will be happy to nibble all the dead skin right off your feet.

Don't want anyone to hear you using the toilet? Press the music button and flushy sounds will drown out any unwanted noise.
(Notice the volume can be adjusted).

cute cakes.

cute drinks.

cute directions.


I think we should "the friend it" and exist for a long time.


Aunt Jo said...

Jen I want to "friend it" with you for a long time. You are funny!

I need all that happy stuff. I saw a purple frying pan recently, but I didn't even think of taking a picture!

I would love to see the cartoony person who drives cartoony cars.

Aunt Jo said...

Did you try the fishy pedicure? I bet it tickled a lot.

Jory-san told us about the toilet tunes on one of his visits. :o) Funny!

Sarah said...

Japan must be the cute capital of the world! And they have cartoon cars and amusing translations everywhere you look...seems like a very fun place to visit! Thanks for taking us along for the ride!

doozie said...

ok...thats some weird stuff. Are those fish pirahnnas? or however you spell that?

I'm pretty sure the only toilet tunes I need are already in existence

Uncle Joe said...

I normally just yell real loud when I flush.
Just last night at The Crackerbarrel I yelled when I flushed.
Have you noticed that word verification is getting impossible to read?
I swear it looks Japanese!
I failed first try.....

Giorgio said...

Those cars are hott

Anonymous said...

It has been long enough! America needs those toilet sound makers! I loved those! And the hand dryers. I have to draw the line at the fish-pedicure though. Chautauqua Lake had enough feetnippers for me and I don't want to be eaten alive thank you. You should be a tour guide Jenn. You have the best perspective and a knack for finding the funny in boreing old things. What do you cook in a cute frying pan?