Sunday, June 04, 2006

concert doodles

Last night we went to a Christian concert, Mainstay.

I guess they are a pretty well known band, very professional, that's for sure. But the concert was set up very weird. The stage was set up in front of a pavilion full of picnic tables. It was raining, and there was an uncovered area between the small covered stage and the pavilion. A handful of kids were jumping around in the rain, then a bunch of other people like us sitting on picnic tables, and farther back more people just hanging out, talking and eating hot dogs.

It was next to the baseball stadium, and was supposed to be a pre-game concert but the game was cancelled because of the rain.

Nevertheless, I of course filled my sketchbook with doodles.


Bar Bar A said...

I'd love to watch you draw! I bet you can sketch with have that talent that probably makes it look so easy!
I can't even do a decent stick figure.

That looks like a guitar to me!

Badoozie said...

hey, thats my dad in that picture you titled "old guy"
darn him for coming into town and not even calling you.
heehee, your a nut!
i also like the song called "my pants are falling down"

Michelle said...

Jenn as always, they are all so fabulous! I'd kill for one of your hot dogs!

Saur♥Kraut said...

I'm not familiar with the band, but I'll go anywhere there's food! And hotdogs sound ohhhhhh so yummy today! Mmmmmm. Cute sketches, as always, you talented thing, you.

Muley said...

You guitar is fine. Did you draw so many hot dogs because you were starving, or because that seemed to be the theme of the event?

momyblogR said...

Great doodles as always. I love Mercy Me, I think I'd sit in the rain for them, lol!

Mr. Althouse said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all... except maybe the baseball players. I don't get it, if footbal, soccer, and a host of other sports can be played in the rain... not to mention a band, why can't baseball players??


Jenn said...

bar bar a, thanks, well, the guitar he was holding was smaller... I get really uncomfortable drawing anything that has to be a structured shape... buildings, cars, guitars...

susie, well, you'll have to tell your dad I saw him. I invented that song myself. I lot of kids today can sing it as their pants are hanging down around their butts... who knew in our day that showing everyone your underwear would become cool?

Michelle, thanks, I drew them nice and toasty with grill marks.

Saur, they smelled really good, but I don't eat hot dogs if I can help it. We went out for Thai after that.

Muley, well, they were the baseball stadium's hotdogs, and we could smell them everywhere. I was hungry, yes, I guess that's why I drew a lot of them.

Momyblogr, I like Mercy Me. Never saw them in concert, but I like some of their stuff.

Mr. Althouse, interesting observation. They came very close to having the game. I'd say maybe because you won't see the ball coming at you... but the same would apply to other sports... hmmmm.

Aunt Jo said...

Let me know if you need pictures of Uncle Joe's guitars to practice drawing......

Great sketches. Do people ever realize you are sketching them and want to see it??