Thursday, June 22, 2006

my junk drawer

Here we go, another blogger photo exchange. This time the theme is junk drawers. What would you expect me to keep in my junk drawer? It's full of doodles. Doodles, and little scraps of paper with ideas written on them.

There is my one-armed Popeye. George glued the arm back on for me, but then it came off again. I was keeping that on top of my monitor for inspiration because somewhere I read that the guy who created Popeye worked like three jobs to make ends meet and drew his cartoons at night.

Below the drawer are the instructions for my micropets, tug and chop. There's a piece of blue fabric the same as my couch cover. I was keeping it in case I needed to match the color to something else, I don't know what, another chair or something.

That black thing is a letter opener that you can put a business card into. Right now there's no business card in it; there's instructions on how to open it and stick your business card inside.


Badoozie said...

cool stuff there jenn
thanks for participating in the first ever annual junk drawer photo meme. may you be able to participate in many more to come. and they will come.

Michelle said...

I wanna swap junk drawers! Your's puts mine to shame :(

Karin said...

That doesn't seem like a junk drwer to me. Where are the screw drivers and random twist ties. Your drawer seems clean and orderly.

momyblogR said...

A junk oh man, I'll show you a junk drawer, lol. That is the neatest one I've ever seen. :):)