Friday, June 23, 2006

more stuff

After the comments about my junk drawer not being a junk drawer, I'm posting these photos of my closet. This is where most of my junk resides. And it is usually not this clean. I spent hours cleaning it last month.

Looking at these photos a person would get the impression that I am very neat. Actually I work with piles of papers and stuff all around me, and it's not until I'm finished with a project that I go on a cleaning extravaganza, and then the piles start over brand new.

I like these little drawer things I keep in the closet. One is labeled "air pump needle." I love knowing where little things are when I need them.


Bar said...

Sorry, i still think your neat!!!

Badoozie said...

i too love little buckets, drawer thingys and baskets. there everywhere. they are threatening to take over our house. i want more roley drawers.

Muley said...

For a creative artist, you appear to be VERY organized.

But I must ask -- how many air pump nedles do you have?

Jenn said...

Muley, just one. That's why it says "air pump needle."