Tuesday, June 06, 2006

a "negative" book review

One of my faaaaaavorite cartoonists is
George Booth.

I went on Amazon.com looking for a book he illustrated for Dr. Suess, called Wacky Wednesday. It had less than a five star overall review, so I went looking for the person who didn't like it.

This woman gave it one star, and I thought her reasons were just hilarious. It is really a 5-star review in disguise:

This book will drive you crazy, August 2, 2002
Reviewer: A reader
"As a parent, I do not like this book. I have two boys and they both love it. They would read it every night If they could. I find it very frustrating, on most pages there are more things wrong they the number they ask for. For instance, if it say 4 things are wrong, my boys usually come up with 6-7. I have tried to donate this book to charity several times, but my boys will not part with it. I just don't have the heart to get rid of it without their consent. Your kids will love it, As a parent I don not recomment it."

I love this illustration of a worm chasing a bird.


Seeker said...

That book is great! When my daughter was student-teaching first graders, they read it every Wednesday. The kids loved it.

Fred said...

Great illustration. It looks like the bird is going to lose.

Bar Bar A said...

I love this book! I remember reading it to my son! Great memory. Thanks!

Michelle said...

Who could not like Dr Suess?? Fantastic! LOL, that review is so funny, i wonder if the woman realises just how funny it is?!

Lady Sunshine said...

Jenn - Just checking out your site. I think that I should get this book for our little guy!
You are sooo talented! Take care! - Kim

EmmaSometimes said...

yeah, that's one star material. "YOUR KIDS WILL LOVE IT"

I can plainly see how disturbing this is. (what the....????)

momyblogR said...

We all need a chance to be the chaser, lol.

Badoozie said...

ha, thats funny. is that her review word for word? did you leave a review? now, i have to get this book!