Tuesday, October 10, 2006

a couple of things

Here's Skippy enjoying his new window seat. He had a nice view so he could bark at the garbage man this morning.

We went to a fall festival last weekend. It was actually hot, and I should have worn shorts and a t-shirt. I went into a coffee shop to get myself a cold drink, and came out to find George holding Skippy, surrounded by three little girls all petting and adoring our cutesy little dog. It was a funny picture. He was like the traveling petting zoo.

Here's some doodles that have nothing to do with anything.


Michelle said...

If only you lived down under, i'd commision you to do a whole wall of fish in my rumpus room :o)
I love your fish!

uncle joe said...

I am known as Dr. Doodle.
I am a licensed Doodle Therapist.
For $200 I'll send you a 10 page detailed analysis of your doodles.

Dr. Doodle over and out

Jenn said...

Michelle, I will have to visit you down under. What's a rumpus room?

Uncle Joe, now you are really going to get Meow laughing...