Thursday, January 18, 2007


I'm still here. I just haven't had much to say.


Anonymous said...

Okay, so here I am making a little comment.

Jenn said...

Thank you for commenting on my boring blog.

Anonymous said...

hehe, not boring!! You have cute penguins.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jenn ... must be that time of year. It's great to see you. Love the towel you won from Susie !!
Hope you have a great weekend.
Take care, Meow

Aunt Jo said...

10 words are better than none!

I have been absent a little myself. :o)

Michelle said...

Hiya Jenn :o)
Just wanted to let you know, i was a little disappointed in Amazing Race this year :(
Not enough excitement for me, i also must of missed something along the way. I couldn't understand why all the teams were against the Weaver family. They appeared a little wacky, but the family had been through an awful ordeal....losing their hubby/dad. I thought they were nice.
In the beginning i was going for the Lindz family......they were so mean to the Weavers, i didn't want them to win LOL!

Badoozie said...

ok, i will also comment on the non post here. I like to comment. I always have a comment.