Tuesday, January 09, 2007

what's up

Skippy and I are camping out at my parents' house for a while. We're getting some huge work done on our basement, waterproofing, because of a ton of leaks down there. Since I work from home, all the noise and stuff on top of Skippy barking at them would be more than I can stand. So I'm here until I get notice that they are done.

I was looking forward to getting on the road yesterday morning, with a hot cappuccino from my favorite local coffee shop. Instead I decided to go with Starbucks. Remind me not to get the vanilla latte again. It tasted too much like warm milk. We just got ourselves a Starbucks in our part of town. The girl who was supposed to wait on me yesterday morning was going on and on about a long story with her coworker friend while I stood there and waited. The manager keep giving her a look which she was completely oblivious to. I guess it's the same everywhere!


uncle joe said...

Please allow me to be number one.

Camping out can be fun.
Especially when you have TV and hot showers.

Badoozie said...

there are two starbucks i visit here, and they are always busy little beavers, but i've been to others where they were sluffing off. it is just not the way of starbucks to act like that. i've also gotten icky vanilla latte's before. lazy baristas. don't put enough squirts of flavor in it, because they are usually pretty yummy

Jenn said...

Uncle Joe, You are quick, congrats on being number one. Yes, and don't forget internet, even more important than TV and showers.

Badoozie, True, the service there has been decent so far. Usually I just get plain coffee, so I don't give them much of an opportunity to mess it up. Am I really a winner?!

Michelle said...

You're absolutely right, the service is the same everywhere!!
Try the caramel latte next time :o)

momyblogR said...

How funny you wanted to get coffee from your favorite coffee shop but had to settle for Starbucks. Here I thought THAT was the place you were going to mention. I admit.....I'm not a Starbucks fan much myself, lol! I know, that's like saying "Hi, I'm a hardened criminal but would you like to have dinner some time!" LOL!!

Aunt Jo said...

how is the pool?

Anonymous said...

Sloppy service is a pain in the rear !! Hope next time you get a tastier vanilla latte !!
Enjoy the time at your parent's place.
Take care, Meow

Jenn said...

Michelle, I might just do that. Caramel sounds more promising.

momyblogr, Out of everything at Starbucks, I usually get a plain coffee, or a frappuccino if it's summer. I was psyched that they built us a Starbucks, because I'm looking forward to those frappuccinos.

Aunt Jo, the whaa?

Meow, hi! I hope you've been doing good. I need to get over to your blog.