Saturday, January 06, 2007

ok, here's something

Thanks to Susiebadoozie I have something to blog about. She wants to see pictures of the inside of people's cars. So here's my '99 Civic, nothing too fancy, but it gets good mileage.

I spilled Starbucks coffee on my car last week, and still need to clean it off. I love the idea of getting a coffee and then taking my dog for a walk in the park. But you'd be surprised how hard his ten little pounds can pull on the leash once I get out of the car, with coffee in my hand. I already had my coat cleaned.


Badoozie said...

well it looks pretty clean other than the coffee spill, thats good for something huh?

thanks for playing!

Anonymous said...

at least you didn't spill in the car..that would be me.

I love Hondas. I had a 98 Accord. I wish I still did.

Aunt Jo said...

yea that is SO dirty. ;o)

well the coffee spill is great though.

can skippy drive it?

Anonymous said...

Nice car .... don't think I'd be game to post a pic of the inside of mine ... eeewwww !!
Take care, Meow

Muley said...

Is the inside of your car always so clien (i.e., not filled with empty fast food bags, gum wrappers, soft drink cans, spittoons, etc.), or did you have to "dress it" for the photo?

By the way, do you keep a pad handy in your car for doodle inspiration, or do you just wait until you're finished driving?

Jenn said...

Muley and everyone,

Well, George just happened to clean it out, because we are about to sell it. Ha, ha...It is usually a mess! (I guess this disqualifies me from the contest).

I have never doodled while driving, as far as I can recall. I think that is illegal in New York.

Badoozie said...

all because it is starbucks you spilled on that window, i have a special prize for you