Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Few Thoughts

I just switched to the new blogger. I need to get used to this.

Anyone visiting our house needs to watch out for the "tree line." This is holding up George's beloved willow tree that is leaning to one side after the October storm. I think we clotheslined a few delivery people before he put this sign up.

I miss pomegranates. I got sort of addicted to them and then they went out of season. They sell the seeds in a bag, but that is just not the same.

Maybe today I will clean this pile of papers off of my desk. This goes back pretty far. Hmmm... I've got some Christmas cards in here... this stuff can't be that important. Maybe I'll clean it tomorrow.


Karin said...

I think you should take the sign off and then put a video camera out there then watch them run into it. Maybe I just have a perverse sense of humor.

Sarah said...

We had to prop our willow tree up with a huge piece of wood a few years ago after the roots were damaged when our lawn was dug up because the roots were plugging our sewer line...anyway, that long run-on sentence to say our tree is fine now, and I hope yours will recover, too!

You need to come visit us sometime between September and December some year...we have a huge tree full of pomegranates during that season and you could have all you wanted for free!

Anonymous said...

Love the tree line sign. I for one am very grateful. No scalping. I think George actually sent this to me. Thanks George. Jenn.

suzy said...

On behalf of all visitors to the Cartoony Home, Thank you for the tree line.

Have you sniffed the Bath and Body Works new scent Midnight Pomegranate?? MMMMMMMM!!!!

Hey, how did you get a picture of MY desk??

Seeker said...

Or better yet, "Maybe I'll THINK about cleaning it tomorrow."
Let's not be hasty.

BarBarA said...

We have a pomegranate tree in our back yard. Remind me next October and I will send you some!!!

Emma Sometimes said...

pomegranates are yummy (that was nice of barbara!)

Michelle said...

I love your snow Jenn :o) Please send me some!

Jenn said...

karin, well, the delivery people I'm not happy with are the ones who never leave packages at the front door. It would be better to have a trap for the ones who leave our stuff next to the garage where we don't see it, or better yet, the weirdo who decided to go into our backyard last year.

Sarah, I'm glad your tree survived. You have a nice looking tree! Too cool that you can grow your own pomegranates in California. I don't think we can do that here.

anonymous jenn, George sent this to you?

suzy, your profile page is not showing up, and I don't know if you are a Suzy I know, or a new visitor? I have never sniffed midnight pomegranate... I'll have to check it out.

seeker, I'm still thinking about it.

barbara, cool! That would be great!

emma, barbara is nice, isn't she?

michelle, we do have plenty of it!

Badoozie said...

just light a match to that pile.

Anonymous said...

My mom said I would like your blog. You draw very cool penguins and pictures and art. I like to draw too.

Fred said...

Maybe that's why I stopped blogging. I didn't want to face the "new" Blogger.

Muley said...

So, Jenn, what's your take on the "new" Blogger? What is the main difference, from your perspective?

Jenn said...

badoozie, I'll have to take it off of my desk first, but good idea.

princess olivia, Thanks for visiting my blog! Nice to meet you!

fred, you stopped blogging? For GOOD?

Muley, Well, your pictures show up around your text, as opposed to html, that is the main difference that I can see. And for some reason when I get people's comments emailed to me, I cannot respond to them with email, everyone's emails come up as anonymous. That is annoying.