Wednesday, April 18, 2007

doodles, profound thoughts, dumb mistakes

Some doodles from "mom's morning out," the preschool thing I've been helping out with at my church. "Head and shoulders knees and toes" is the only workout program I have right now.

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Sometimes when I have an upset stomach, I get a craving for gummy bears, and they seem to help.

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I rescued these flowers from my cold, snowed-over little garden. They were surrounded by their relatives who didn't make it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You know, apples taste better if they are eaten outdoors.

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Some doodles from a three hour early morning lactose-intolerance test. No coffee allowed. I was under the influence of an orange flavored gritty nasty lactose drink.

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I get my share of those fake Ebay emails, the ones that insist you need to update your information because it's been accessed by a third party. I delete them right away. But for some reason yesterday I was taken. Duh. It wasn't even a very good knock-off compared to some others I've seen. But since George recently sold some items, when I got this email with a link saying there is a dispute about an item, I clicked on the dispute link, typed in my password on "Ebay," and was directed to a page saying that there was an error. I immediately realized what I'd done, went in to the real Ebay and changed my password. This page has been reported since yesterday, because now if I bring it up, Firefox gives me a warning that it's a fraud.


Anonymous said...

did I miss something? why a lactose drink

Jenn said...

My doctor sent me to get a lactose intolerance test for stomach troubles. Apparently gummy bears alone are not a cure. They make you drink a nasty little drink, and then you have to breath into a tube every 30 minutes for 3 hours.

Layla (aka Barbara) said...

Wow, I thought gummy bears cured everything!

I like your new style of blogging little bits of this and that!

Seeker said...

You're getting more exercise than I am these days, unless you count changing diapers and burping babies.

Meow said...

Aaaawww, I always thought Gummy Bears cured everything ... now I am so terribly disillusioned !!!
Hope the tummy problems get sorted soon ... no fun when you don't know what's wrong.
Take care, hugs, Meow

Aunt Jo said...

is that a pack of gummie somethings on the table behind the flowers??

i love your doodles. i want to be a doodle someday.

i hope i never develop lactose intolerance. i love milk! we love milk. we drink almost a gallon a day.

Emma Sometimes said...

Oh, I despise feeling like I've been taken...


I like Firefox.

Those lactose drinks are horrid. I had to take one with each pregnancy. It's like McDonalds orange drink concentrate. I'm sure of it. Nasty stuff..poor you. How is that suppose to see your tolerance to milk products? Blood sugar/diabetes, yes, but dairy?

Jenn said...

layla, this makes it easier to get bits of my thoughts out, since I don't have a whole lot to say lately.

seeker, that sounds like plenty of exercise to me!

meow, they do help, as long as I don't eat too many. I'm feeling better, thanks.

aunt jo, that is a pack of George's dry roasted lightly salted edamame. And some of Jane's Crazy Mixed Up Salt and some Tylenol.

Emma, there is a long explanation for how that test works. I gave up reading the whole thing, but I believe them. I came up "mildly positive."