Monday, April 30, 2007

Out & About

Today I did something I have never done before in my life. I signed up for a gym membership. I haven't worked out there yet, but I feel healthier already since I made a stop on the way home and bought these awesome running shoes.


more cooking with jenn

These Yakisoba noodles are pretty good. I would never know which ones to buy, except that I had Japanese friends in college, and these were the most popular choice. They are best if you mix them up with a bunch of chicken and vegetables.


In church on Sunday I kept hearing this constant buzzing noise. George said he could not hear it, so I was like, "Am I hearing things? Is there a buzzing in my ear? I know something is buzzing!" Turns out it was this woman sitting in front of us, fanning herself throughout the service with her battery operated fan.

We recently got a Starbucks. I go there for the regular coffee. I like their regular coffee better than the coffee at our local place. But I feel like a bit of a traitor to our other coffee shop when I go there, because they bought all of my greeting cards, and even put up a pic of me as the artist with a short bio.

I was in there today (this is a camera phone pic of the place.) Their special drinks are better than Starbucks, because you can get them in a fancy mug. Today I got a cappuccino in a tall glass mug. It makes the whole experience nicer than drinking out of a Starbucks paper cup. You can see all the cappuccino layers, and it just tastes better that way.


I sat in there daydreaming with my sketchbook and the local art paper. I'm glad I'm not out looking for a date in the "meeting place." Here are your two choices:


Sarah said...

I've seen people in Starbucks drinking their beverages from regular mugs and glasses...

But that was nice of your local coffee shop to buy your cards!

That guy is pretty creepy looking...

Aunt Jo said...

Hey I love the new format!!

There is a lot to be said for glass mugs vs paper cups. Starbux is over-rated in my book.

Anonymous said...

AJ!!! ok, i'm ok....

what sort of women respond to those incarcerated guys do you suppose?

You should get a close up of your featured artist thing, so we can prove we know a famous person

Seeker said...

Bet ya can't wait to get those shoes broken it. Have fun! And post some updates on your wonderful aerobic progress.