Wednesday, April 04, 2007

in need of some new inspiration

Usually a cup of Starbucks coffee gives me plenty of creative energy. Nothing is working lately though. And the coffee seems to only hurt me in my never-ending battle against sinus infections. Nevertheless, here is a page of recent doodles.

Here's another doodle from when we went carpet shopping in February. We went with "too boring" for our basement carpet. Cheap and simple. We would have chosen a berber carpet, except our dog loves to "fluff up" the carpet before he can lie down on it comfortably. For that reason, I wasn't going to buy anything too loopy.


Anonymous said...

yay! for posting! So is your basement done now?

Jenn said...

Hey Marci, The carpet is done. But there is a wall that needs to be fixed, since we tore off the paneling where there was mold. It will be nice when it's finished!

Layla (aka Barbara) said...

I love the dog scratching the carpet doodle!!! Not many people could come up with a cute doodle based on buying carpet, but you managed to!

Dawn said...

Aaaah, ssssssstarbuckssssssss!

Jenn said...

layla, thanks! That was a long day too... I'm surprised I had any doodle energy left.

dawn, that is a cool way to make a smiley face. I don't think I've seen one with a nose like that.

Sarah said...

That smiley face looks like the faces you give some of your doodles, Jenn!

Charles said...

Yum...Starbucks! Makes me feel all jittery just thinking about it!

Bryan said...

Funny how coffee can actually bring a person out of the "blah's" sometimes, isn't it?

Sorry to hear about your sinus infections. That sucks.

Emma Sometimes said...

Coffee cures what ails you.


Are you here yet?


Get better. Those stink, but the upside is you can't smell it, so just get better.

Anonymous said...

maybe a good case of the diarrhea would inspire you.

we'll see what we can do for that in a few months!!

I like the slow motion guy, there is one of those at every post office

Jenn said...

sarah, you are right!

chuck, we recently got one here in town. we'll have to go there the next time you visit.

bryan, it has rescued me from the blahs more times than I can recall.

Emma S., I wish coffee would cure me. Hopefully I am getting better now and can have my caffeine back soon.

beanie, Diarrhea is one of those words I find very hard to spell. I certainly hope Portland coffee does not give a person a case of diarrhea. The only good thing about the slow motion guy is that he gives me time to doodle.