Wednesday, March 29, 2006

a couple of cool things

I noticed a
couple of
flowers coming
up today.
It takes so
long for spring
to arrive
around here,
I'd almost
forgot about it.

I was looking at stuff on and came across these fun notecards by Hannah Gluck. I love this style.
There are 25 different cards in the Hannah Gluck Gallery.


momyblogR said...

I KNOW! It sure is taking it's sweet time getting here too, lol.

Michelle said...

Jenn, hope it's ok in me saying so, but the 2 pieces of art you posted reminded so much your own drawing style. You have a very similar use of shapes and lines.

Love the pretty colors of the flowers :)

Saur♥Kraut said...

OH, rose moss! We get that a lot here. It grows wild in many sandy areas.

What an interesting artist! I have to say that I really like her, but usually enjoy the very esoteric artists like Hieronymous Bosch, Dali, James Christensen, etc.

Nerdine said...

isn't it great when the first flowers show up!?! I love that time of spring. Spring will be a bit late here this year since we had sooooo much snow. It's still good possibilities to ski here within the city borders...

Love those cartoons too!

Saur♥Kraut said...

Another artist I like: Jim Warren.

Feathers said...

What a welcome sight those flowers are! Can't wait till everything is in bloom. It is near 70 today, it won't last, but such a lovely change. Have a wonderful week :)

Badoozie said...

those are nice cards, i too like her design, i'll try and remember to check those out

Jenn said...

momyblogr, it was wonderful today too. I can get used to this... I didn't realize how this weather would affect my mood. It's so nice.

michelle, thanks! I'd love to be as good as this artist... eventually I might have something this good. Thanks for the compliment.

Saur, I checked out that Jim Warren. Very unique, especially the portraits. I love the horses coming out of the waves.

Nerdine, I never quite believe it when spring arrives here. I've been tricked too many times. People get all excited and put away their sweaters, and then we get a blizzard!

Feathers, wow, sounds like it's really nice there. I know the tempurature is going to drop here, but I'm so glad winter is on its way out.

Susie, I keep looking at that bunny reaching for the elevator buttons. Nobody will help him!