Wednesday, March 01, 2006

frame shop doodles

I used to work in a large home and garden store, a lot like Home Depot. I signed up to work in the frame shop, but ended up in the paint department, and floor & wall until one frame shop employee got fired, and then I took her place.

When a customer picks out a frame and mat that are just horrendous and asks "what do you think?" the best response is, "It depends where you are going to put it."

People say such weird things sometimes, and sometimes very mean things. It helps to have a sense of humor.

I am encouraged to see that my drawing ability has improved a great deal since 1998. (I still have a long way to go, but I love to see evidence of improvement).


Badoozie said...

i like the buggy eye lady who is mad about the price, and by the way I"M FIRST

Jenn said...

Susie, congratulations on being first, and thanks for coming by! It has taken a while this evening for me to see any visitors over here. :}

Michelle said...

Jenn, i bet working in retail would be an endless source of material!

Bar Bar A said...

You were talented then and now!!!

Jenn said...

Michelle, yes, tons of material. I have much of it written down. Maybe someday I'll write a comic strip and incorperate some of that stuff.

bar bar a, thank you. I have always drawn since I was a kid, but first started sketching from life in college. I was terrible at it at first.