Wednesday, March 22, 2006

special numbers and wheely shoes

I like to draw people who are singing or playing special numbers in church.

(Then I add my own words.)

This very rough doodle is from one afternoon in the grocery store. There were two boys wearing those wheely shoes. They were racing through every isle, chasing each other, and then zipping past people on their little wheels.

I don't know what's more annoying, those kids running around, or the fact that the rest of us can't have a pair of shoes like that. I still don't get how those things work. How can you run without tripping? How do those wheels seem to magically appear when you're ready to use them? Maybe one of you with kids can explain it to me.

I think Gumby must have owned a pair of those wheely shoes... remember how he'd slide all around on one foot?


Badoozie said...

well, jenn, those little wheels have retraction, and expulsion powers. just push the little black button on the side of the sole.

some of the cheaper ones don't retract but in fact are always in action. someone got dylan a pair for his bday, one day at school with those things and i got an email from teacher.

he LOVES to go to costco now, because of the wheelies, so there fore, i will accept them. if it will get the boy to shop, so be it.

as for those in adult sizes, buy the largest kids size, and go for it! your never too old to learn new tricks

Sarah said...

Here you go, Jenn...just for you! ;-)

Jenn said...

Susie, Whoever came up with this invention must be a multigazillionaire by now. Dylan's teacher probably has a standardized email that she copies and sends to all parents of kids with those shoes. Kind of like when those electronic pets were all the rage, the ones that cry if you don't feed them every hour. I guess kids had to feed them during class all the time.

Sarah, amazing, they do exist!

Karin said...

yes they do make them for adults and yes my fiancee has them. He doesn't wear them any more because the other kids at work made fun of him but for a long time we would go somwhere and he would just wheel off. I will say when you first get them they are very hard to wear and you will end up flat on your bum.

EmmaSometimes said...

I know what you mean. love them and hate them all at the same time.

EmmaSometimes said...

for some WEIRD reason I thought of you when i saw this:

Adopt a virtual pet

Jenn said...

karin, that's the problem. It would be fun, but not quite socially acceptable to see adults whizzing through the mall on their shoes. Too bad they didn't make those when we were kids.

emma sometimes, I like the hamster. I might add him to my blog.

Muley said...

I want some of those shoes, too, but my wife already has two kids to worry about in public without adding a third.

Aunt Jo said...

those shoes have been banned at Carly's school for obvious reasons. I love to rolly skate and wouldn't they be fun at work??