Sunday, March 05, 2006

my life is a cartoon

Some doodles from church. I drew these during a slide presentation... I was actually listening to the sermon. :}

There was a whole lot of whining and crying this morning. Here's a couple of the kids that were staring over the pews in front of us.

I remember once when I was little, I stared and stared at a guy sitting some rows behind me in church. I was staring at him because he looked just like a guy on The Great Space Coaster. I thought it must be him. Does anyone else remember that show... "Hi I'm Gary Gnu, No gnus is good gnus with Gary Gnu!" And there was a cartoon of a guy who was drawn with one line.

Here's another doodle I just added tonight. This is from the evening service. This kid turned around and coughed on us about three times. I need some of that Airborne stuff now.


Michelle said...

I will never understand why parents just don't walk outside and calm the kid down, then come back in again. It's like the movies, women who bring babies in movie theatres...ggrrrrrrr.It's got so bad here, we have special days and times dedicated to parents with babies who want to see a movie!!
Apologies Jenn, gone off on a tangent!
We didn't get that show down under :(

Jenn said...

Michelle, That sounds like a great time... sitting with both your own crying kid plus everyone else with a screaming kid while trying to watch a movie. I don't think I've ever seen a baby in a movie theater here.

Badoozie said...

okay we are laughing a loud here, this is just funny. i can totally relate with the staring. i used to do it, but my dad thumped our heads. i don't let my son stare. turned around that is. you should have made faces at the child, or something. were you drawing while the child was staring? are you feeling sick yet?

Badoozie said...

are those adults in the whining corral? they should be.

Fred said...

This reminds me of my trips on an airplane. If there was a crying child, they were always right in front of me.

Jenn said...

susie, yes, I was drawing. She was probably turned around so she could stare at me and my drawings. I don't feel sick yet, that reminds me, I should take some zinc. Those are kids in the corral. Some adults should go in there too.

hey Fred, no kidding about airplane rides. There's no escape for anyone. Freaks and Geeks is a TV show. You can see more about it, and a pic of Mr. Rosso, here:

Anonymous said...

It reminded me of a Sunday Service Morning when we were having Holy Communion.

A child was looking at my cup of wine (Ribena) and Bread while we gave thanks to the Lord. She showed me her funny face, sending her message across that she would love to have my bread & wine after her Mom took hers. :)

Smart child!

Aunt Jo said...

Hey! That's my kid! :o)

momyblogR said...

You're funny! :):)

Karin said...

Man I remember the Great Space Coaster that show used to make me late for elemenatry school. I was the last person to leave the house so i would watch tv and that show would come on and I could watch half of it then I had to walk to school. I would always watch to much and then I was late and would get in trouble. I couldn't have come up with the name of that show though if my life depended on it. Thanks for reminding me.

EmmaSometimes said...

did you come to my church? My kids are trying their hardest to get the Pacific NW contaminated.

YES! Put in the adults of kids with coughs.

Jenn said...

Prayer warrior, yeah, kids have a hard time comprehending how it's not the same as snack time. :}

AJ, which one?

momyblogr, thanks, I keep myself entertained.

karin, I knew someone else had to remember that show! I remember it was on in the morning. I think it was one of the earliest shows on Saturday mornings, worth getting up really early for.

Emma/Jennybee, maybe one place for the coughers, and another for the whiners. Man, who would be left?