Thursday, April 27, 2006

cutie custom skippy pin

At a dog show my mom met an artist who creates little porcelain dog breed pins. On her website she has a lot of different pins, ornaments and other things. There's even a few cats. Her name is Mary Dixon.

She made me this Pomeranian pin after I sent her photos of my boy, Skippy. Not many Pomeranians are black and white like he is. She didn't charge any extra for custom; it was $19.50.

You can check out her stuff over at her website

She also has an Ebay store.

Here are some other dog breed pins off Mary Dixon's site...

These are some standard Pomeranian colors.

Mine is one of a kind. :0)


Michelle said...

Your boy is beautiful!
Wow, Mary is very talented they are quite ornate :o)

:( bye bye Nerds :(

Muley said...

You have the cutest dog. He sort of reminds me of David Cassidy when he was on "The Partridge Family." I think he had hair just like that. But yours is cuter.

Sarah said...

Cute doggie, cute pin! ;-)

Meow said...

Wow, what great pins. Your doggie is soooooo cute, such a gorgeous face.
Take care, Meow

Bar Bar A said...

i have to see if she has a Rat Terrier or a Border Collie

Badoozie said...

well, maybe she can make one of me?

no, thats a cute pin seriously. she must be very good at that. i'll have to check her out

Mary said...

Hi there! Saw your comment and THANK YOU!!
I have a new site at

and lots more styles. My prices are lower too b/c of the economy.

Mary Dixon