Friday, April 21, 2006

a few doodles

Here are some doodles. I did not draw very much on vacation. I found I do not draw very well in this environment. I think and draw better with a cup of coffee or green tea, when I'm in working mode. I felt more like doing nothing or reading.

There were a lot of locals walking around on the beach selling stuff. At Orient Beach, they were very polite, and seemed to have quite a few customers. But at Dawn Beach, which was smaller, they were relentless.

Wanna buy a hat?

No thank you.

Then a shirt, you would like to buy a shirt?

Really, we're good, thanks.

Then I could braid your hair. Want your hair braided?

The only way to get away was to keep walking. I added some color to this doodle in Photoshop.


Nerdine said...

One of the reasons I don't like beach-holidays...

Jenn said...

Nerdine, which, the sales people or the smokers?

Sarah said...

Yeah, the vendors in Egypt were extremely pushy...many of them were young children, too. The secret is "Don't make eye contact!"

Meow said...

Sounds like Bali !!!
Take care, Meow

Mr. Althouse said...

How interesting your smoking doodle makes an appearance when I've been a non-smoker for nearly a month. Thank you for the reminder of what a glamorous habit it is!


Jenn said...

Mr. Althouse, it seems that the French are not so inclined to try and quit. Or maybe they just like to smoke on holidays. Congrats on quitting for so long!

Sarah/Meow, there are some very poor neighborhoods there, but I never saw a single beggar, and no children trying to sell stuff. There's an amazing contrast between the classy resorts and the local living conditions.